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Caleb DesRosiers, JD, MPA

Senior Principal,
Valuate Healthcare Consultancy

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Caleb DesRosiers is senior principal at Valuate Healthcare Consultancy, a leading strategic and market access consulting firm that is part of conglomerate Omnicom, a global corporate communications, marketing and consulting company. DesRosiers’ work focuses on pharmaceutical access, managed care, distribution, technology, and M&A. In his career as a health plan senior executive, both in medical and pharmaceuticals, DesRosiers helps guide strategic operations; provides governance, including on government healthcare programs and related issues; and guides healthcare private equity, pharmaceuticals, benefits management and managed markets strategic consulting.

DesRosiers began his career in state government, where he worked on expanding prescription drug coverage to senior populations via Prescription Advantage, the nation’s first insurance-based state pharmaceutical assistance program. Thereafter, DesRosiers was part of the team at the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that implemented the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 followed by five years at Pfizer and Hoffman-La Roche. Prior to joining Valuate, DesRosiers was the Chief Strategy Officer at PrescribeWellness, LLC.

The experience he gained from his time in government and big pharmaceuticals during 1998-2009 led to his appointment to the board of Affinity Health Plan (AHP) in 2010.

DesRosiers has extensive experience serving on both public and private, corporate and not-for-profit boards and advisory boards ranging from healthcare to investment banking. He graduated from Suffolk University with a B.A., Suffolk University School of Management with a MPA and Suffolk University Law School with a JD.

DesRosiers was appointed to the HAP Board in 2021.