What you need to know about Coronavirus and your HAP Coverage

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Nationwide and worldwide coverage

Emergency and urgent care at home and around the world

No matter where you go, you’re covered

Emergency services

Whenever an emergency situation arises like a broken bone, chest pain, difficulty breathing or a severe burn, HAP members are covered at any emergency room, anywhere in the world.

Getting help when you travel

Your health plan covers urgent and emergency care worldwide. But if you ever need additional help while traveling more than 100 miles away from your home, one call can connect you to our partner Assist America. They provide 24/7 global emergency services such as prescription assistance, medical evacuation and more.

Identity theft protection

Our partnership with Assist America brings you peace of mind with free identity theft protection, which includes safe, continuous monitoring of:

  • Credit card and document registration with lost and stolen recovery assistance by phone
  • Online credit and debit card usage when you register your cards
  • 24/7 identity fraud support to help restore your personal information

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