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Health plans for employers

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As your local experts, we're making health insurance as convenient as we can. When you have a question. When you have a problem. When you just need advice, we're here for you. Because as a Michigan-based company, we're not just near you... we know you. Every day, we're collaborating with doctors, hospitals and the community. And as one of the leading integrated health plans in the region, we're constantly finding new ways to streamline your care and cut your costs.

Building a successful business relies on recruiting and retaining talented employees. One way to do that is to offer an affordable health plan that includes quality benefits, services and programs.

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We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses of all sizes. So we can help you gain that competitive edge, no matter your budget.

  • Small business: 50 or fewer eligible employees
  • Large business: 51 or more eligible employees

We’ll work with you to find the plan that keeps your employees healthy and your business growing to meet your vision.

Partnering with HAP

You’re more than an account number – you’re our partner. We offer personalized service, including:

Dedicated account representatives: When you have a question, you don’t have to call a 1-800 number and talk to a random person. You’ll have the name and number of a dedicated health plan professional who knows your business and can address its unique needs.

 Discover a variety of health insurance options

Our fully funded plans offer the coverage your employees need and the peace of mind that comes with fixed health care costs. It’s important to understand the difference between the types of plans and what benefits each offer.

  • HMO: Coordinated care through a primary care physician
  • EPO: Flexibility to seek services throughout Michigan
  • PPO: Flexibility to seek services throughout Michigan as well as national coverage





Members must choose a PCP




Referrals for specialists required




Out-of-network coverage




Out-of-network emergency care

All HAP members have worldwide emergency and urgent care coverage as well as telehealth coverage

 *Specialists may require a referral, but HAP does not. In some cases, the specialist may require a referral from a member’s PCP. Many specialists are booked out months in advance and may only accept patients whose PCP believes they need specialty care.

Consumer driven health plans

A health savings account, or HSA, is a tax-exempt account used to pay for qualified medical expenses for the account holder and their dependents. A health reimbursement arrangement, or HRA, is an employer-funded account used to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Use this chart to compare these options and choose what’s best for you and your employees.




Who can open an account?

Employee. But, they must be enrolled in a qualified, high-deductible health plan.


What’s covered?

Qualified medical expenses defined by the IRS

Defined by employer

Who owns the account?



Who contributes?

Employee, employer or any third party. For example, other family members and friends can contribute to the HSA.


Will the account follow the employee if they change employers?

Yes. It’s fully portable.

It can be portable, if the employer chooses.

Can you roll over unused balances?

Yes, they automatically roll over annually.

Defined by employer.

Are there tax advantages?

The following are tax-free:

Employer and employee contributions

Any interest earned or investments gained

Withdrawals used for qualified medical expenses

HRA dollars are funded by the employer and there are no tax advantages to the employee.

What’s the minimum deductible for 2022?*

$1,400 single

$2,800 family

No minimum deductible

What’s the out-of-pocket maximum for 2022?*

$7,050 single

$14,100 family

Not applicable

What’s the maximum contribution for 2022?*

$3,650 single

$7,300 family

Defined by employer

Can the account be used for retirement income?

Yes. After age 65, employees may withdraw funds for any reason, without penalty. If funds aren’t used for qualified medical expenses, withdrawals will be taxed as income.


*Limits are subject to change due to IRS rules.

All qualified medical expenses as defined in Section 213(d) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Employee perks and benefits

Your employees will benefit from a personalized experience, with benefits, programs and services that include:

Employer resources

We make it easy to manage your health insurance and guide your employees along the way. Explore our dedicated employer resources.

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