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Protecting your health

Committed to your safety and quality of care

Why should quality of care matter to you? Consider this: More people die each year from preventable medical errors than from car accidents, AIDS and breast cancer. By focusing on quality and safety, we can help to prevent infections, medication errors and injuries. And we help you and your family get the information and services you need to stay as healthy as possible.

We help our members get the best care by:

  • Making sure that our doctors, hospitals and other health care providers meet certain standards and share our commitment to safe, quality care
  • Partnering with regional and national quality initiatives like the Greater Detroit Area Health Council and Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium
  • Providing resources to help members take charge of their health and communicate effectively with their health care providers

Patient safety

Take advantage of our patient safety resources to help you prepare for doctor’s appointments, ask the right questions at the pharmacy, keep a personal health record and more.

Take charge of your health with our patient safety resources.

HAP’s quality program

HAP’s quality program makes sure that the health care services provided to our members are of the highest quality. We constantly measure results to find out what’s working well and where we need to improve.

Learn about HAP’s quality program.