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Dental and vision

A healthier smile can lead to a healthier life. That's why HAP is here with high-quality dental care. Our partnership with Delta Dental benefits your whole family.

There are two coverage options:

  • Pediatric-only coverage: Required by the Affordable Care Act if you have children age 18 or under.
  • Adult coverage: For all adults age 19 and older on your health plan. It includes pediatric dental coverage for children age 18 and under. Adults without children will not be charged the pediatric premium. Children on your plan will automatically move to the adult plan and rate on Jan. 1 of the year after the child's 19th birthday.

You can purchase pediatric dental coverage elsewhere. We don't offer adult dental coverage if you purchase a plan somewhere else.

When you select a HAP health plan, you can add high-quality dental coverage through our partnership with Delta Dental.

Our Dental Coverage at-a-Glance information sheet provides additional information to help you select the right dental benefits for you or your family.

A quality dental plan from Delta Dental can help you get the care you need to stay healthy. You can search for an affiliated dentist at

Vision coverage

Your eye health is important
With EyeMed’s expanded access to a nationwide network of doctors, you can look for an eye doctor that’s close to home for your routine eye care needs. Simply visit for routine visits. 
HAP members can access their vision benefit coverage information through the HAP Member portal. For a medical/surgical vision doctors, visit

Eye examinations

We are proud to offer our members top-notch coverage for eye care. All HAP plans include an annual eye exam - at no additional cost - from a vast network of eye care professionals. These include:

  • Henry Ford OptimEyes
  • SVS Vision Optical Centers
  • Family Eye Care Associates
  • Fraser Optical®
  • General Optical
  • Northwest Eye Physicians, P.C.
  • Rx Optical®
  • Anderson Eye Associates

Qualified health plan coverage for individuals

All members 18 years of age or under can receive a pair of "collection" eyeglasses or contacts once every benefit period. Coverage remains in effect until the end of the year in which the member turns 19. Collection eyeglasses and contacts are those covered under the member's plan. The benefit includes single vision, conventional (lined) bifocal or trifocal lenses and lenticular lenses without out-of-pocket costs. The following are also covered in the plan.

  • Glass, plastic or polycarbonate lenses
  • Fashion and gradient tinting
  • Oversized lenses
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Glass-grey #3 sunglasses (prescription only)

Benefits for collection frames or contacts are available once every benefit period, even without a change in prescription. There's a wide selection of frames and contacts to choose from.