Plan types, service areas and networks

HAP offers a variety of HMO and PPO plans to fit your budget. Both types of plans focus on preventive care and reducing the cost of health care for our members.

About HMOs and PPOs


HMO plans tend to be more affordable than PPO plans. You need to select a primary care physician from an established network of providers who will manage and track your health care services. When you need to see a specialist, your PCP will coordinate care.

These aren’t the HMOs you’re used to. Some of the advantages of a HAP HMO are:

  • Ability to choose and change your PCP
  • Access to leading providers and hospitals within the HMO’s network
  • Option to pick different PCPs for each family member

There are a lot of myths about HMOs, which we’ve debunked here. The biggest myth is that you need a referral every time you want to see a specialist. That may be the case with other health plans, but we don’t require referrals at HAP.


Choice HMO plans

Our Choice HMO networks give you access to quality care from a select group of doctors. This allows you to enjoy lower minimum premiums1 while receiving the same great care you receive from any HAP-affiliated doctor. Because all doctors are in the same network, it’s easier for a PCP to share information. Your PCP can coordinate care with specialists and for other medical services you may need. This cuts down on waste, makes things easier and allows us to offer affordable monthly premiums.

Henry Ford Choice network

This network offers metro Detroit residents in Macomb, Oakland2 and Wayne counties access to world-class health care from Henry Ford at an affordable price.

Our Choice plans offer high-quality care while saving you money on monthly premiums.

Your primary care doctor will be part of the Henry Ford network and will coordinate care with other doctors within the network as needed. If you need specialty care, you can visit a specialist within the Henry Ford network.

Because your health care providers are in the same network, we're able to lower costs. We pass these savings to our members. You could save as much as 20 percent on monthly premiums with Henry Ford Choice when compared to our full HMO network.

Genesys Choice network

This network is also designed to save you money and is available to Michigan residents in Genesee County. It gives you access to leading mid-Michigan doctors and specialists within Genesys Physician Hospital Organization facilities. These facilities are part of the Genesys Regional Medical Center.


PPOs offer more choice and flexibility. You don’t need to have a PCP, and you can seek care from providers within or outside of the network without referrals.

Some advantages of a PPO plan are:

  • Wide range of benefit options
  • Incentives like reduced out-of-pocket costs when you stay in-network
  • Ability to seek care both in- and out-of-network

HSA plans

These plans have high deductibles but lower premiums. That means you'll pay less each month, but you'll pay more for your deductible. They allow you to set aside pretax money to pay for your health care. You can use this money through a plan-provided debit card and any unused money rolls over into the next benefit period as long as you are enrolled in an HSA plan.

If you're generally healthy, and only plan to see your doctor once or twice a year, an HSA plan may be right for you. Preventive services are covered at no cost to you. You just need to set aside the money for your high deductible up front.


If you are under the age of 30, we offer something called a catastrophic plan. This type of plan has a low premium, but a high deductible. It’s designed for people under 30 who are generally healthy and only seek care a handful of times a year. If that sounds like you, a catastrophic plan may be a great option. Learn more about premiums and deductibles and how they might impact you.

Our service area

Our HMO plans are available to Michigan residents in 20 counties; while our PPO plans are available to residents in 23 Michigan counties.


1 - The variation in savings is based on the structure of the plan.

2 - Excludes the following Oakland County ZIP codes: 48346, 48348, 48350, 48353, 48356, 48357, 48359, 48360, 48362, 48367, 48370, 48371, 48428, 48430, 48439, 48442, 48455 and 48462.

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