What you need to know about  Coronavirus and your HAP coverage.

Taking charge of your health

The first step in getting good health care is to talk with your primary care physician. Your PCP is your best source for help when you need medical care. He or she knows your health history, and can provide information about the best way to get the care you need.

It is equally important for you to partner with your doctor in maintaining your good health. Below are some ways you can "take charge" of your health.

Patient safety resources

Take advantage of our patient safety resources to help you prepare for doctor’s appointments, ask the right questions at the pharmacy, keep a personal health record and more.

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  • Medicare 101 Webinars

    Get real answers to all your questions! We’ll teach you about how Medicare works and give you tips and ideas to make sure you’re ready to go on day

  • Empowered Medicaid New Member Webinar

    Welcome to HAP Empowered! During this webinar, you’ll: Get to know your Medicaid plan. Learn how to get the most out of your coverage.

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