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Large business health insurance

HAP is here, creating health plans that work harder for your business and employees

As your local experts, we’re making health insurance as convenient as we can. When you have a question. When you have a problem. When you just need advice, we’re here for you. Because as a Michigan-based company, we’re not just near you, we know you. Every day, we’re collaborating with doctors, hospitals and the community. And as one of the leading integrated health plans in the region, we’re constantly finding new ways to streamline your care and cut your costs.

You can count on us to help you find the right coverage for your business. The experts at HAP can:

  • Recommend a benefits package that meets your business needs
  • Help you take advantage of innovative care management options that support at-risk and chronically ill employees
  • Implement high-impact workplace wellness programs that engage your employees in reaching optimal health
  • Help your employees improve care outcomes by coordinating their medical and pharmacy benefits

Understanding the different networks

Our portfolio of health plans for businesses with 51 or more eligible employees includes:

HMO: Coordinated care through a primary care physician 
EPO: Flexibility to seek services throughout Michigan
PPO: Flexibility to seek services throughout Michigan and national coverage through Aetna Signature Administrators® Network 

Consumer-driven health plans (CDHP): When your employees have health care buying and decision-making power, it can motivate them to engage in their health and well-being. HAP offers a variety of consumer-driven health plans that can be paired with health savings and health reimbursement accounts. HAP’s CDHPs offer information, financial and support tools to drive cost-effective health care spending.

Value-added services

When you choose HAP, you get:

  • A dedicated account team
  • Licensed, board-certified doctors for live, secure online telehealth visits
  • Travel assistance and identity theft protection from Assist America
  • Worldwide urgent and emergency care coverage
  • Well-being and health promotion services
  • Award-winning customer service

Manage your bottom line

With self-funded and shared funding plans, you can maintain control over your health care spending. HAP’s self-funded and shared funding plans are administered in partnership with ASR Health Benefits.

All HAP self-funded and shared funding plan options include:

  • Complete customer service – We give every customer a dedicated account team, including an account executive and an account coordinator
  • Customized plans – We’ll work with you to design a plan that meets your needs and those of your employees. 
  • Transparency and insight – We’re committed to full transparency, with a set of standard reports and tools designed to address all the needs of a self-funded plan. 

Ready to purchase a plan?

Take the next step and find out where to purchase a plan. Whether you go through your agent, or talk directly to HAP, you’ll get the same level of service and attention to detail you expect.