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Here, with an emphasis on what matters most. Your health.

HAP is about much more than paying your medical expenses. As a member, you will have access to exclusive health and wellness programs and services. Our wellness programs are designed to encourage and motivate you to make positive changes that will improve your health.

HAP member events

From special health events to appearances at local health shows, HAP works hard to give our members and our community the knowledge they need to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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HAP member discounts

This program offers special discounts on health and wellness related activities, as well as other activities in Michigan including museums, entertainment venues, lodging, fitness, and shopping.

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HAP weight management programs

This a comprehensive weight-management solution focusing not just on diet and exercise but also taking committed steps to managing your health. Programs include our Weight Watchers® partnership, nutritional counseling, physician-supervised weight loss and weight loss medications.

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HAP tobacco intervention programs

For those ready to quit smoking, HAP has a variety of tools and resources, including benefit coverage for nicotine-replacement therapy for members with prescription coverage through HAP.

iStrive® for Better Health

This online health assessment helps you prioritize health changes. Your responses result in a unique online plan with strategies designed by health care professionals to help you make health choices, overcome pitfalls and achieve your goals.

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Health management programs

HAP CareTrack® program

This comprehensive disease management program is designed for people diagnosed with a chronic condition. CareTrack helps you stick to your doctor’s prescribed treatment plans and provides you with a nurse health coach to work with you over the phone.

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HAP Restore case management

Working closely with registered nurse and your doctor, this program helps make sure you’re getting the care you need. Get help with everything from scheduling appointments and getting the right medical equipment to coordinating home visits and connecting with community support.

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HAP Restore Comfort & Palliative Care

This free program helps those living with an end-stage or terminal condition by providing helpful in-home services and resources. Your primary care physician or specialist may recommend our Comfort and Palliative Care program while you are still undergoing treatment for improving your condition.

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HAP OnTheGo mobile app

HAP’s free, secure mobile app let you review your deductible and claims history, find a doctor, check health reminders or even search for prescriptions. Use HAP OnTheGo to access your ID card, check symptoms, manage health conditions, find a doctor and more. HAP OnTheGo is free and in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Mental health and substance abuse

If you are dealing with a mental health or substance abuse issue, HAP can help. Our coordinated Behavioral Health Management department is devoted to helping members with these issues and will help you choose a qualified HAP-affiliated behavioral health specialist for evaluation and treatment.

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Quality and patient safety

HAP is always working closely with its doctors, hospitals, and other health care partners to make sure you get the right care, at the right time, by the right health care provider.

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