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HAP Diabetes Care

The path to living better and feeling better.

Your diabetes care means a lot to us. HAP Diabetes Care is a personal touch that offers a variety of ways to help you stay healthy, including help with coordination, diabetic supplies, medications and educational resources. We want to help guide you to the right care -- when and where you need it, with the best technology options to help manage your type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Who is eligible to use HAP Diabetes Care?

You are eligible for these programs if you:

  1.  Are diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes
  2. Qualify through your employer, health plan, or health provider in 2024. This may also include your spouse or dependents.

Technology options available to help manage your diabetes


HAP has partnered with Pharmacy Advantage to provide our Medicare (including D-SNP), commercial employer group, and HAP CareSource MI Health Link members with either a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) or standard glucometer. Your eligibility will determine your technology solutions.

To get started, you can connect with a Pharmacy Advantage representative at (800) 456-2112 and discuss your diabetes management device options. For faster service, click the button below to enroll for Pharmacy Advantage mail order services:

HAP is working with Hart Medical Equipment to help our Medicaid members with their diabetes management device options.

Not sure what device you are eligible for? Most people with diabetes benefit from a standard glucometer. Research shows that individuals on insulin are a good match for continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

To find out more and get started, call Hart Medical Equipment at (888) 606-8778, and one of their representative can help with information about your supplies. You can also order your supplies by clicking the button below:

Managing Your Diabetes

Just remember that you don’t have to manage your diabetes by yourself.  You have a health care team who can help you. HAP is part of that team, and we hope you will consider creating a self-care plan to keep your diabetes under control.

How do you create a diabetes self-care plan?

In some ways, it’s as easy as A-B-C!

A1C test

Take an A1C test to learn what your average glucose level is. An A1C test shows your average blood glucose level over the past three months. The goal is for your A1C to be less than 7 percent.

Blood Pressure 

Take your blood pressure (BP). For those with diabetes, the goal is for your BP to be below 140/90mm.


Check your cholesterol levels. There is good and bad cholesterol. Ask your health care provider what your cholesterol numbers should be.

Other ways to build your self-care plan

  • Don’t smoke. Smoking narrows blood vessels as does diabetes itself. With narrower blood vessels, your heart has to work harder. E-cigarettes are not good for diabetes either.
  • Make a healthy meal plan. Sometimes your health care team will include a dietician who can help you choose fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meats, and dairy products that are healthier for you. One simple task is to drink water instead of sugary drinks.
  • Be physically active daily, as much as possible. Spending up to 30 minutes each day doing some sort of physical activity can help you maintain your weight even if it’s only a brisk walk. Every extra minute of daily physical activity helps. Start where you can and increase your activity as much as you can.
  • Take all your prescribed meds. This may seem simple, but people can forget to take their medications, especially when they are feeling good. Your medications, including those for diabetes, are designed to help you keep track of your A – B – C’s (A1c levels, blood pressure and cholesterol).
  • Check your blood glucose levels based on your doctor’s recommendation. Monitoring blood glucose levels regularly is important especially if you take insulin. Knowing your blood sugar will help you make smart daily decisions about what to eat and keeping yourself physically active.