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HAP small group plan networks

HAP is here with care where you and your employees need it

With a long history and deep roots in Michigan, HAP has built provider networks that offer our members some of the best care available across the state. We continue to build outstanding networks that include leading doctors and hospitals.

Below is a snapshot of coverage by plan type.





Members must choose a PCP




Referrals for specialists required by HAP




Out-of-network coverage




Out-of-network emergency care

All HAP members have worldwide emergency and urgent care coverage as well as telehealth coverage

 *Specialists may require a referral, but HAP does not. In some cases, the specialist may require a referral from a member’s PCP. Many specialists are booked out months in advance and may only accept patients whose PCP believes they need specialty care.

Small business plan networks

For employer groups with 50 or less full-time employees. Have 51 or more employees? View our large group plan options.

What if an employee needs emergency or urgent care?

HAP members are covered worldwide for emergency and urgent care, even if care is received out of our network. All HAP health plans allow members to go to a hospital anywhere in the world in an emergency. If you are admitted to an out-of-network hospital, you may be transferred to an in-network hospital once you are stabilized.

If you or your employees have a non-life-threatening medical situation, you should go to the nearest in-network same-day clinic, urgent care or hospital.

HAP’s partnership with Assist America also provides members with additional emergency travel assistance, including services for lost luggage, travel documents, hospitalization, emergency evacuation and more.