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Genesys Choice network

Save money with the Genesys Choice network 

Genesse County businesses and residents have access to high-quality health care close to home from the Genesys Physician Hospital Organization. As part of the Genesys Choice network, employees can save money on monthly premiums and get the care they need. 

What is the Genesys Choice network? 

The Genesys Choice network includes more than 4,000 doctors and facilities that are part of the Genesys Physician Hospital Organization, as well as health care facilities affiliated with Ascension Genesys Hospital. Your employees will need to select a primary care physician (PCP) from within the Genesys Physician Hospital Organization, who will coordinate care with other doctors with the Genesys system as necessary.

Our Find a Doctor tool is available to help members find a primary care physician and other services within the network. Before any appointment, members should use this tool to make sure the doctor accepts the Genesys Choice plan. Some facilities include doctors that aren't part of the Genesys Choice network. 

What Genesys facilities are included in the network?

Some of the facilities in the Genesys Choice network include:

  • Ascension Genesys After Hours Clinics (Burton, Clio and Grand Blanc)
  • Ascension Genesys Hospital (Grand Blanc)
  • Ascension Genesys Urgent Care Centers (Burton and Flint)

What if an employee needs emergency or urgent care?

All HAP health plans allow members to go to a hospital anywhere in the world in an emergency. If you are admitted to an out-of-network hospital, you may be transferred to an in-network hospital once you are stabilized.

If you have a medical situation that isn’t life-threatening, you can get help fast at a Genesys Choice network after-hours or urgent care center.

Have more questions? 

We’re happy to answer them. Contact us for more information about the Genesys Choice network.