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Restore health management program

Connecting you with the resources you need to manage your care

We know how challenging it can be to juggle all of life’s responsibilities while managing your health or the care of a loved one. That’s why we offer the HAP Restore program. It helps members in three ways:

  • Taking care of their daily health needs
  • Supporting their doctor’s plan of care
  • Helping to improve their quality of life

Those three objectives are broken down into three unique programs:

Restore Caretrack

Restore CareTrack helps members manage their chronic conditions. Our goal is to help people commit to their prescribed treatment plans. To achieve that goal, a nurse health coach works personally with each member.

Learn more about Restore CareTrack and how we help members manage their conditions.

Restore Case Management

Restore Case Management helps members who need extensive coordination because of complex health conditions. It also assists members transitioning from one setting to another, for example, from the hospital to their home.

You can find more information on Restore Case Management here.

Restore Comfort and Palliative Care

Restore Comfort and Palliative Care helps members manage terminal conditions near the end of life. It’s a cultural and religious alternative to hospice.

Learn more about the Restore Comfort and Palliative Care program here.

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