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Why sell HAP?

Not only will your clients benefit from choosing HAP, you will too. Here are some of the benefits of being a HAP licensed agent:

  • Competitive commission schedules
  • Attractive bonus programs
  • Online quoting
  • Access to products directly from HAP, through iSelect or the and through the Michigan Chamber of Commerce private health insurance marketplace 

Health plans we offer

We’re here to meet your client’s health care needs. Our individual and group plans include:

  • Exclusive provider organizations: With an EPO, your clients can choose from providers in our network without having to choose a primary care physician.
  • Preferred provider organizations: A PPO gives your clients the flexibility to visit a physician inside or outside of their network.
  • Health maintenance organizations: Under an HMO, your clients select a PCP who coordinates all their health care needs. HMOs come with lower premiums, particularly with our Choice HMO networks networks that offer a select group of providers to residents in certain Michigan counties.

We offer health savings accounts for qualified high-deductible health plans. HSAs let individuals pay for qualified medical expenses, such as copays, deductibles, vision, dental services and more using a special, personal bank account. Individuals and employers can contribute to an HSA and unused funds roll over from year to year.

There are a number of available funding options for group plans, allowing businesses to customize their payment plan based on their needs.

Client benefits

Our benefits aren’t just perks. They’re an integral part of the health plans we offer. When your clients sign up for any of our health plans, they’ll receive a range of benefits designed to encourage healthy living and peace of mind.1

  • Discounts: We offer discounts on health and wellness related activities, including gym memberships. Some of our plans also offer discounts on museums, attractions, lodging, shopping and more. 
  • Personal service coordinators: When your clients call us, they’ll be connected with a team of dedicated service coordinators – not a general help line. These specialists will answer questions and guide your clients through their first two years of membership.
  • Identity theft protection: We provide protection against identity theft through Assist America.
  • Travel assistance: Assist America provides emergency assistance to HAP members when they’re traveling more than 100 miles from home or in another country (for no more than 90 days in a row). Help is available 24/7 with services like emergency trauma counseling, lost prescription help, luggage or document assistance and more.
  • Worldwide health plan coverage: Urgent care and emergency services are covered anywhere in the world. Our health plans travel on trips for work or pleasure. 

We also offer worksite wellness for group plans. From customized on-site health programs to wellness webinars that can be accessed anywhere, we’ll help motivate your clients’ employees to maintain positive, healthy lifestyle changes.

1HAP member benefits are available to members with fully insured and administered services only plans. They do not apply to those using HAP through a network leasing arrangement.

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  • Medicare 101 Seminar

    Get real answers to all your questions! We’ll teach you about how Medicare works and give you tips and ideas to make sure you’re ready to go on day

  • Medicare 101 Seminar

    Get real answers to all your questions! We’ll teach you about how Medicare works and give you tips and ideas to make sure you’re ready to go on day

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