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Funding options

See our health insurance payment plans

Our health plans come with a range of funding options to suit your clients' business needs. The best option will depend on a business's priorities. Do they want higher premiums with less risk? Or lower premiums with potential variance month to month?

Funding options:

  • Fully insured: Your client pays a fixed monthly premium and we cover their employees' insurance claims and administrative services. This option eliminates risk for the employer but has higher premiums.
  • Shared funding: A lower fixed monthly premium pays for certain administrative services, such as claims processing and customer service support. Your client has the option to pay employees' claims through stop-loss coverage, an insurance fund that retains unspent monthly payments for claims and covers the claims that exceed the monthly funding limit.
  • Self-funding: The lowest fixed monthly premium of our plans comes with administrative services that guide your client through risk and claims management. The employer pays employees' claims directly. This option is designed for businesses that want greater control over their health plans and want to avoid certain taxes. But it also has higher risk than the other funding options.

When your clients enroll with us, they'll also have access to Consumer-Driven Health Plans and a number of unique benefits depending on the funding option of their choice.

Funding options vary depending on the size of the group. See our small business funding options or large business funding options for more information.