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HAP and Assist America take the worry out of your travel plans

Travel emergencies can happen anyplace, anytime. When they do, HAP is here to help.

Assist America Infographic

Assist America provides 24/7 travel assistance. HAP members can call on Assist America when they're traveling 100 miles or more from home, for up to 90 consecutive days per trip. Assistance includes a wide range of travel emergencies at no extra cost.

Assist America also offers HAP members identity theft protection.

Get Started:

Before you travel, you must set up your Assist America account. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Log into your account to find your HAP reference number. You'll need to provide this to Assist America.

Step 2: Call toll-free (800) 872-1414 within the U.S. or (609) 986-1234 outside of the U.S. You can also visit Assist America's website to set up your account.

Step 3: Download the mobile app and type in the secure code now -- before you need it. Assist America's mobile app offers a one-touch link to the operations center. To download the mobile app, visit the app store on your smartphone and search for Assist America.

Travel services

  • Medical help: Assist America is staffed 24/7 by employees who speak multiple languages and are trained to handle medical issues.
  • Hospital admission support: Get help with hospital admissions and coordinating care in other countries.
  • Emergency medical evacuation: If you become ill or hurt in a place where proper care isn't easy to get, Assist America will arrange to get you to the nearest quality hospital or care center.
  • Return of remains: In the unfortunate event a member passes away while traveling, Assist America will arrange transport and pay costs to bring their remains home.
  • Critical care monitoring: Assist America's team of doctors, nurses and other medically trained staff will stay in touch with the doctor treating you. They also track your care and pass on details to your family (if allowed by law.)
  • Translator and legal help: Assist America can suggest legal counsel or a translator in any country.
  • Prescription help: When a prescription is lost or left behind, Assist America will work with your doctor and local pharmacy. If you need a new prescription, they'll arrange for your to see a local doctor if it's medically necessary.
  • Lost luggage and document help: Assist America works with airlines to find and return lost bags. They can also help with lost passports and other records.
  • Pre-trip information: When you're planning your trip, check out the Assist America website to review country profiles, visa and immunization rules and safety alerts.
  • Care of children: If you become ill or hurt, Assist America can arrange for the care of your children, They can also pay for transit costs. This could involve solutions such as getting the children to a family member or bringing someone to them.

Identity theft protection

Assist America also gives you identity theft protection. At no cost to you, this service offers tools to protect your name and credit history. These include:

  • Credit and debit card internet surveillance when you register your cards on Assist America's secure site.
  • Credit card and document registration with lost and stolen recovery assistance by phone.
  • 24/7 identity fraud support services to help with restoring your personal information.

Even if you don't register your cards and documents, you have 24/7 fraud support if you think you're a victim of identity theft. One call – day or night – will put the professional fraud support team into action on your behalf.