What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine, your HAP coverage, and getting care during the pandemic.

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  High Option Standard Option 
Deductible   $0 $350 Self Only /$700 Family
Coinsurance  None 10% 
Coinsurance Max  $0 $0 
Out of Pocket Max  $6,350/$12,700  $6,350/$12,700
Office Visit  $20 copay $20 copay
Specialist  $40 copay
$50 copay
Emergency Room  $150 copay $200 copay 
Urgent Care  $50 copay  $50 copay 
Telehealth  $0 copay   $0 copay 
Ambulance  $150 copay 10% after deductible 
Inpatient Hospital  $100 copay per day up to $500 max per stay 10% after deductible 
Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy  $40 per visit (60 visits combined)   $25 copay per visit (60 combined per year) 
Prescription Drugs  $4 preferred generic
$10 Non-Preferred generic
$40 preferred brand
$60 Non-Preferred brand
20% coinsurance Preferred and non-preferred specialty 
$15 preferred generic
$25 Non-Preferred generic
$40 preferred brand 
$80 Non-Preferred brand
20% coinsurance Preferred and non-preferred specialty 
Vision  One routine visit covered per year  $40 copay per exam  One routine visit covered per year  $50 copay per exam 
Imaging CT/PET/MRI Scans  $150 copay 10% after deductible 
Outpatient Surgery   $250 copay 10% after deductible  10% after deductible 

High Option and Standard Option Health Benefits Summary

*For more information on 2021 plan specifics, please review the FEHB HAP plan brochure.

High Option Benefits

In a high option benefit, there’s a $0 deductible with no coinsurance

Standard Option Benefits

In a standard option benefits, there’s a $350 self only/$700 family deductible with 10% coinsurance

High Option & Standard Option Rates 

    Non-Postal Premium  Postal Premium 
    Bi Weekly   Monthly  Bi Weekly  
Enrollment Type
Enrollment Code Gov’t Share
Your Share  Gov’t Share
Your Share  Category 1 | Your Share  Category 2 | Your Share 
High Option Self Only  521  $241.58 $147.12 $523.42 $318.76 $143.76 $133.70
High Option Self Plus One 523  $517.46 $376.54 $1,121.16 $815.84 $369.35 $347.79  
High Option Family  522  $562.25
$386.18 $1,218.21 $836.72 $378.37
Standard Option Self Only GY4 $193.00 $64.33 $418.16 $139.39 $61.76 $53.40
Standard Option Self Plus One    GY6   $443.89 $147.96 $961.76 $320.58 $142.04 $122.81
Standard Option Family   GY5   $470.91 $156.97 $1,020.31 $340.10 $150.69 $130.29

Non-postal rates apply to most non-Postal employees. If you’re in a special enrollment category, contact the agency that maintains your health benefits enrollment.

Postal rates apply to certain United States Postal Services employees as follows:

  • Postal Category 1 rates apply to career bargaining unit employees represented by the following agreements: APWU, IT/AS, NALC, AND NPMHU
  • If you’re a career bargaining unit employee represented by the agreement with NPPN, you’ll find your premium rates.
  • Postal Category 2 rates apply to career bargaining unit employees represented by the following agreement PPOA.

Non-Postal rates apply to all career non-bargaining until Postal Service employees and career employees represented by the NRLCA agreement. Postal rates don’t apply to non-career Postal employees, Postal retirees, and associate members of any Postal employee organization who aren’t career Postal employee.

If you’re a Postal Service employee and have questions or require assistance, please contact:

USPS Human Resources Shared Service Center: (877) 477-3273, option 5, Federal Relay Service (800) 877-8339 Premiums for Tribal employees are shown under the monthly non-Postal column. The amount shown under employee contribution is the maximum you’ll pay. Your Tribal employer may choose to contribute a higher portion of your premium. Please contact your Tribal Benefits Officer for exact rates.

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