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Quality Program goals and objectives

Quality goals

The HAP Quality Program aims to assure that safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable clinical care and services are provided to all our members. 

HAP seeks to demonstrate value and improve quality through the elimination of over use, under use and misuse of services. The Quality Program focuses on coordinating activities for continuous quality improvement of clinical care and safety (including general medical and behavioral health care) and of services across HAP’s delivery system by:

  • Improving the health status of our members
  • Identifying and reducing health care disparities
  • Identifying organizational opportunities for improvement
  • Implementing interventions to improve the safety, quality and availability, accessibility and member satisfaction with care and services
  • Promoting members’ health through health promotion, disease prevention and condition management (for example, targeted interventions and health fairs through partnerships with physicians and office staff)
  • Assisting in the development of informed members engaged in healthy behaviors and active self-management
  • Measuring, assessing and coordinating the following:
    • Evidence-based clinical quality
    • Patient safety
    • Practitioner availability and accessibility
    • Member and practitioner satisfaction
    • Supporting the continued development of proactive practitioner practices

Each year, we conduct an extensive analysis that you can use to identify trends, make informed choices about health care and witness HAP’s ongoing commitment to improved performance.

For more information about HAP's Quality Program, including program goals and our progress toward meeting those goals see the following: