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HAP Care Management Program

Chronic and complex conditions can require multiple health care providers, prescriptions, appointments and treatments. Our innovative care management program helps coordinate health services for all members, including those with multiple or complex needs. This program helps members understand their conditions and learn how to manage them. 

This program is free to members and focused on: 

  • Improving the member's health
  • Reducing the risk of hospital readmission
  • Avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits

Members talk on an ongoing basis with a nurse by phone. The nurse works with the member and their health care providers to: 

  • Determine the best case management program to fit their needs. 
  • Get access to education, services and local resources. 
  • Coordinate services that may include a behavioral health specialist to help identify emotional or behavioral triggers that affect the ability to follow the doctor's treatment plan. 

For more information, about HAP's Care Management programs or to enroll, call (800) 288-2902 (TTY: 711) or email You can also refer yourself by going to and completing the contact form. Your doctor, family members or caregiver may also refer you to these programs.