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Coverage for dependent children

Certain large employers must offer health coverage to their full-time employees and dependents, or they may be required to pay an Employer Shared Responsibility Payment (ESRP). To comply, employers must offer health coverage to employees' dependent children until they turn 26. Find out if this applies to your business.

The Affordable Care Act’s Employer Shared Responsibility provisions use the IRS section 152(f)(1) definition of a dependent child eligible for tax-favored benefits under an employer-sponsored health plan.

In general, the term “child” means:

  • An individual who is a son, daughter, stepson or stepdaughter of the taxpayer; including a child who is legally adopted or lawfully placed with the taxpayer for legal adoption
  • An eligible foster child, defined as “an individual who is placed with the taxpayer by an authorized placement agency or by judgment, decree or other order of any court of competent jurisdiction.”