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Frequently Asked Questions

Password Questions

Error Messages

Portal access

Other questions

How do I update my password?

Log in using your username/ ID number and password. Click the “update profile” link. You will be asked to enter your current password and the desired new password. Your password must include at least eight characters, one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number.

I forgot my password and got locked out. What should I do?

You have these choices:

I am a member and my account has been inactivated. What should I do?

An account can be inactivated if you answer your "forgot password" challenge question incorrectly three times. Once an account has been inactivated, you must reregister. If your account has been inactivated without your knowledge, place contact us.

I received an error message about formatting issues or errors. How do I correct that error?

Our website, applications and vendor sites are certified for MS I.E. 11, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Please upgrade to the latest version of your browser.

I received an error when trying to open a PDF file. How do I view the PDF file?

We recommend using the latest Adobe reader (free download) to view our PDF files. Please upgrade if necessary.

I bookmarked a page on the HAP website. I returned using the bookmark and received an error message. What should I do?

You have bookmarked a secure page. Pages that are viewed after login cannot be accessed through a bookmark. You must login to view these pages. Please change your bookmark to the HAP homepage.

How do I get access to the secure portal?


Once you have received your ID, please complete your registration here. You will then have access to the secure portal.

Providers (for access to HAP online applications)

You have three options:
  • Check with the ID Administrator in your office.
  • If you are the ID Administrator, our Manage Users Tutorial will help you:
    • Create IDs
    • Reset passwords
    • Control access for website functions for your office staff
  • Complete our online registration process.

Employers (for access to HAP’s Online Employer Services)

To receive a username/ ID number and password to access HAP’s Online Employer Services, please email

Producers (for access to HAP’s Online Producer Services)

To obtain a Producer ID to access HAP’s Online Producer Services, please contact:

  • Yolanda Riley - (248) 443-7763
  • Lena Washington - (248) 443-7504

If you already have received your Producer ID, please register your account. You can then begin using Online Product Services.

If I have other questions, who should I contact?


You can log in and send a secure email using the “Message Center”. You can also contact us here.


Contact HAP Provider Services with any questions you may have. Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply.


Contact your HAP Sales Account Manager.


Contact Producer Relations at – (800) 427-7587


Contact your Payer Service Coordinator at (248) 443-2027