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Once the search page opens, click on the "change plan" link above the search box. Then, select one of the following plans from the drop-down list that appears:

  • HAP Senior Plus (PPO)
  • HAP Senior Plus (HMO)
  • HAP Senior Plus Henry Ford Tiered Access (HMO)
  • HAP Senior Plus Medical Only (HMO)
  • HAP Senior Plus (HMO-POS)

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Find your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) 

See your full plan benefit details from the list below. Please note: All of these documents require Adobe Reader to download. Download Adobe Reader for free.

Our broad network of pharmacies includes:

  • Well-known stores like Rite Aid, Meijer, Walgreens, Costco, CVS and more
  • Indian Health, Tribal and Urban pharmacies
  • Medical center and long-term care pharmacies
  • Neighborhood pharmacies
  • Home delivery and mail-order pharmacies, including Pharmacy Advantage and Walgreens

HAP offers plans to cover both brand-name and generic prescription drugs at thousands of pharmacies in our network, including retail, mail-order, medical center, long-term care and Indian Health, Tribal and Urban pharmacies.

If you travel, you can get your prescription drugs at any network pharmacy with nationwide locations (like CVS or Kmart).

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Formulary - what drugs are covered?

Medicare members have their own covered drug list. Coverages can be reviewed by downloading the 2019 HAP Medicare formulary (PDF)Our HAP Empowered Duals plan has different coverage. Download the 2019 HAP Empowered Duals Formulary (PDF) to see if your medication is covered.  Press Ctrl+F (Command+F for Mac) and type in the name of the drug to see whether it’s included in the covered drug list for your type of plan. The drug name will be highlighted.

Members can still review the 2018 HAP Senior Plus formulary by downloading the PDF here.

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