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Make the most of these 12 Medicare benefits

For more than 35 years, HAP has offered comprehensive Medicare plans that benefit members in more ways than one. These benefits don’t stop at dental, vision or hearing. They expand to things like home fitness kits, gym memberships, travel coverage, identity theft protection and more.
At HAP, it’s our goal to help members understand and use all their Medicare benefits. Because when they do, they won’t just save money, they’ll start living a healthier life. 

Interested in getting the most out of your Medicare coverage? Here are 12 HAP Medicare Advantage plan benefits you should start using today: 

Extensive network. Use your HAP coverage almost anywhere. HAP is accepted by thousands of doctors and most Michigan hospitals. 

Prescription benefits. Save money, time and a trip to the store with our home-delivery pharmacy service and automatic refills. Members can also sign up to receive 90-day medication refills.  

Dental. $3,000 max for preventive and comprehensive services combined including 2 oral exams, 2 cleanings or 2 periodontal cleanings, 2 fluoride treatments, brush biopsy, 1 set of bitewings per year and 50% on root canals, fillings, crown repairs and extractions.

Over-the-counter allowance.
Each quarter, members get an allowance to spend on hundreds of over-the-counter items like allergy medication and pain relievers. Unused quarterly benefits will rollover to the next quarter and must be used by end of year.

$0 gym memberships and home fitness kits.
HAP gives members access to a large network of fitness centers and classes to keep active. Or, for members who prefer to work out at home, choose from a selection of home fitness kits (including online fitness classes and a quick start guide).  
New Feature! The Peerfit® Move Out-of-Network Benefit - 
For any gyms or studios not yet contracted with the Peerfit® Move program, Peerfit® Move will reimburse for the gym/studio membership up to six months (limited to one monthly membership per member per month, not to exceed the cost of an in-network location). Members can’t use both in-network and out-of-network benefits in the same month.
Wellness programs.
Keep your health on track with tools like instructor-led classes, nutrition and weight-management programs, tobacco intervention and more. 

Vistor/Traveler benefit.
Medicare members benefit from extended visitor/traveler coverage in Arizona, Florida, Texas or Michigan (out of area) for up to twelve months (select HMO plans only) and all 49 states outside of MI for PPO members!

Emergency travel assistance.
Travel worry-free knowing that wherever you are, you can call on Assist America 24/7 for medical emergencies, accidental injuries and urgent care. 

Identity theft protection.
Keep your cards in check. Members can securely register up to 10 credit or debit cards for 24/7 surveillance. 

HAP helps you see your vision benefits more clearly. Not only is your yearly routine eye exam covered, you’ll also get up to a $130 allowance to pick out new frames, lenses or contacts. 

Here, your routine hearing exam and hearing aid fitting/evaluation are all covered. HAP works with NationsHearing to administer comprehensive hearing benefits to all Medicare members. Hearing aid copay applies depending on technology selected.

Telehealth services.
Skip the wait and stay in bed when you have a minor illness or injury. Easily see a doctor 24/7 on your computer, tablet or smartphone for as low as a $0 copay. 

 Learn more about Medicare plans and the benefits available to you.


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