Healthy Reading Roundup: 6 Articles to Help You Get Fit This Summer

Looking for a little motivation to get, or stay, healthy this summer? Take your pick from six of our favorite reads right now.


Strengthen Your Core With These Workouts

A strong core can help you avoid injuries, prevent back pain and improve your posture. Target your core with these exercises.



Hungry? Here are 28 Ideas for Smarter Snacking

Check out our guide to healthy snacking. If you’re craving sweet, crunchy or fatty foods, we’ve got swaps for you.


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Looking to Make a Health Change? Try HAP’s Free Personal Digital Wellness Coach

HAP’s iStrive digital wellness manager can help you meet your goals. How? This infographic explains it all.


Your Diet Questions Answered: Are Protein Powders Safe?

Get the lowdown on this popular nutritional supplement.


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Recipe for a Perfect Summer: Mix Up a Mocktail, Step Outside and Take It Easy

Made with fruits, veggies, green tea and club soda, our mocktails will take your patio game to the next level.

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Need Same-Day Care? Convenient Options Beyond Urgent Care or the ER

Get same-day care when you want it. Even from the comfort of home.

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