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Looking to Make a Health Change? Try HAP’s Free Personal Digital Wellness Coach.

Follow Mary’s journey as she makes healthy changes in her life with the help of HAP’s iStrive for Better Health, powered by WebMD.

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Top 5 reasons why this HAP member loves iStrive

A few years ago, HAP launched our new iStrive for Better Health digital wellness manager. This tool is one of my absolute favorites to use as a HAP member. Here’s why:

Number 1It’s truly a digital wellness manager.

What does digital wellness manager really mean? First, it lives online in the HAP member portal. That’s where “digital” comes in. You’ll find instructions on where to find it at the end of this post. Second, it literally helps me manage my wellness. From participating in HAP’s fitness challenges, to helping me be a bit more mindful or working on improving my sleep, there are a TON of activities I can do.

Number 2 It’s powered by our friends at WebMD Health Services.

WebMD is a trusted name when it comes to health and wellness content. The WebMD team is responsible for tools like the symptom checker and their massive A – Z health library content. It’s all ad-free when you log in.

Number 3 The health assessment.

I have to admit I first did the health assessment because I have a HAP plan from an employer that rewards me with lower out-of-pocket costs for the year for doing it. Seriously, I’d take it even if there wasn’t a reward. Every year, it’s a quick 10 minutes. Once I’m done, it offers up different programs I might find valuable based on my answers – programs for things like improving sleep (I’m working on it). And, since the assessment is mobile-friendly, I can take it anywhere. Last year, I completed it while I was waiting for my doctor to come in for my preventive visit.

Number 4Syncing my fitness tracker.

No joke – I wear my Fitbit pretty much 24/7. I sleep with it on to track my sleep quality (I told you I’m really trying!). I track my exercise religiously and try to get up to 250 steps every hour when my wrist buzzes to remind me to move. I even have about a dozen fun bands to match my outfits. Additionally, I’ve synced my Fitbit with iStrive so when I participate in an iStrive fitness challenge or do different physical activities, all the information is sent without me having to do anything. All I have to do is sign up for a challenge and go. There are a lot of fitness trackers out there and iStrive syncs with more than 140 different devices and apps.

0891 Pro Tip DesignOn the subject of fitness trackers, I can’t forget to mention HAP members have a HAP Member Discount for them from the Wellness Outlet. Log in to your hap.org account and click on “HAP Member Discounts,” to get the exclusive code you need to claim your discount.

Number 5 Challenges.
Every quarter, our wellness team puts on challenges for HAP members through iStrive. I’m not really competitive with others, but I love a good challenge for myself. This quarter’s challenge is about paying it forward.

Here are the details:

Starts: May 1
Duration: 21 days
What you do to participate: perform 14 random acts of kindness within that time frame.

How to sign up:
1. Log in to your hap.org account and click on the “My Health and Wellness” tab.
2. Follow the link from “iStrive for Better Health.”
3. Click on “Pay It Forward” on the iStrive for Better Health homepage.

Number 6 There's an app for that!

If you’re like me, your smartphone is basically connected to you all the time. So, if there’s an app for that, I’ll generally check it out. Well now there is: iStrive is easier to access with the new Wellness at Your Side app. The app is powered by WebMD Health Services and available for iPhone and Android users. It gives me easy access to all my favorite iStrive features.

Here’s how to get it:

  1. Download the free Wellness at Your Side app from the Apple or Google Play app store.
  2. Open the app and select the link Use your Connection code instead.
  3. Enter “istrive” (must be lowercase).
  4. When prompted for username and password, select the link Use your Single sign-on.
  5. When it connects to the hap.org login screen, log in with your hap.org username and password (tip: your hap.org username is generally your HAP ID number).
  6. Enjoy having quick access to all iStrive offers!
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