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Need Same-Day Care? Convenient Options Beyond Urgent Care or the ER

Thank goodness emergency rooms are there when you have a life-threatening situation and you need immediate help. You’ve probably been to an urgent care center at some point, too. But there are other options when you need care soon and they can have different costs. Need help deciding where to go? Follow our decision tree.    

Now that you’ve figured out where you can go, here’s some more information about your options:

In-person options

There may be costs associated with seeing a doctor outside of your network. Before you select an option (except for emergencies!), you can find the cost for your specific plan by logging in at and clicking “My Benefits.”

Urgent care centers 

Urgent care centers are for injuries, conditions and symptoms that need immediate treatment but aren’t life threatening. You could go there with a cut that needs stitches or a sprained ankle. Urgent care can usually provide standard diagnostic services, such as X-ray imaging and blood tests. The centers tend to be open beyond standard business hours, too. To find an urgent care clinic near you, visit our provider search tool.

Walk-in clinics, retail clinics and same-day care

Retail clinics, walk-ins and or same-day care are all names for another type of immediate care. They’re not quite urgent care but they’re not your doctor’s office, either. Some of them are stand-alone clinics. Others are within medical centers. They’re often staffed by nurse practitioners and offer care for conditions like ear infections, pink eye, sore throats or sinus infections. Some even give flu shots or other vaccinations. Check out more about walk-in clinics at the end of this post.

HAP members can also go to CVS Minute Clinics. There are 17 locations in the Metro-Detroit area. Check them out in our provider search tool.

To find a retail clinic near you, check out our provider search tool

You can also always call your primary care physician to see if they can fit you in today or in the next day or so. You might ask to see another provider in the practice if your doctor is unavailable.

Care by phone or computer options

HAP partners with American Well® to provide members with telehealth – round-the-clock access to live, online visits with licensed, board-certified doctors. Use your mobile phone, tablet or computer for your visit.* To sign up you’ll need a special code. Desktop users can visit and enter your code. Mobile users should download the Amwell app from iTunes or Google Play, and enter your information and the code to get started.

You can find your code by logging in to and clicking "Telehealth Services" from the Quick Links menu. 

For Henry Ford Health System patients

Henry Ford Health System has a quick care clinic in downtown Detroit and several walk-in clinics in the Metro-Detroit area and Urgent Care Centers in Macomb County. They’re open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; weekends and holidays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Quick Care Clinic is open Monday through Friday during business hours. But the Walk-In Clinics and Urgent Care Centers are open every day and on holidays, and have evening hours. You can go online to reserve your spot in line, and show up just in time to be seen.

Henry Ford Health System patients (patients with a Henry Ford doctor) also have same-day primary care options. Call (800) 436-7936 to make an appointment with a scheduling agent. If you’re registered with Henry Ford MyChart, you also can
log in to make an appointment online.

Henry Ford MyCare Advice Line is available 24/7, for no charge, to patients who have a Henry Ford internal medicine, family medicine or pediatric doctor. You can call and talk to an experienced Henry Ford registered nurse about primary care medical concerns, learn self-care tips, or get connected to a primary care doctor, if needed. Call (844) 262-1949 for medical phone advice any time of day or night.

Learn more about Henry Ford same day services here.

*HAP Telehealth may not be available to some HAP Medicare members and HAP Empowered members, please review your plan benefits.

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