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The Best of 2017: Reader Picks, Award-Winning Work and Team Favorites

It’s December. There was snow on the deck when I let the dogs out this morning. Snow! I don’t know if you’re like me, but every December I have a moment where I surprisingly ask myself, “how the heck did 12 months go by?” As a person who is constantly thinking about the future, I rarely step back and reflect at what has been accomplished. So, every year, when I ask myself where the time went, I take that moment to do just that. This post is that reflection. We’ll recap some audience favorites, some team favorites and yes, there might be a tasty recipe link. Stay with me, it’ll be fun.

As editor of the blog, I am fortunate to interact with every post before it’s live. And our blog team always has our ear to the ground to understand what kind of stories we need to create to help our members. And we’ve created some really great stuff this year. But I spend more time with this team of super-stars that help put this blog together than my own family, so you might say I’m biased.

These folks aren’t. Check out the awards we’ve won this year.

Digital Health Information Awards

0891 TV Time POST 

Spring 2017 – Bronze award: Active TV Time

Checklist 300x200

Spring 2017 – Bronze award: Office Visit Checklist

0891 Super Snacks POST

Fall 2017 – Silver award: Supersize Snacks Equal a Supersize You

Ragan’s Health Care PR and Marketing Awards

2017 – Honorable Mention: Best Blog (one of six finalists)

Those are just a few posts the team thought would be worthy of submitting for awards. We’ve created many more. In fact, more than 100 so far! That includes articles, videos, infographics and even audio with a guided meditation. Now let’s cut to the chase.

0891Our Favorites2

Our top five performing posts since the first of the year are:

Number 1 Need a Push to Get Off the Couch? Harness Spring Fever and Get Moving

Number 2 Work Out at Work: 12 Easy Exercises for the Office

Number 3 Wheelchair Workout: Expert Tips for Mobility and Strength

Number 4 These 6 Fitness Myths Are Holding You Back From Achieving Your Goals

Number 5  Meet the Man Who Proves Age Is Just a Number


0891Our Favorites

We love everything we post, but these were the top 5 stories we loved working on in 2017:

Number 1  Get healthy: Cute, Cuddly and Personal Trainers? Our Pets Can Do It All!

Number 2  Get involved: These Mobile Clinics Bring Health Care to Children and Teens in Detroit

Number 3  Get moving: How HAP’s 5K Challenge Changed One Man’s Life For Good

Number 4  Get to Know Your Plan: 8 Great Ways HAP Is Here for You 

Number 5  Favorite recipe video:  No Time for Breakfast? Plan Ahead With Our Homemade Freezer Egg Burritos

Recap of this recap: we’ve been busy. And for all of you still with me reading this, it means you like what you’ve seen so far. So why not get the best hand-selected stories delivered straight to your inbox each month? Sign up below.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year from the entire team. Happy reading.

- Erika

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