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Dr. Robert Levine

Dr. Robert Levine is a HAP Medical Director and a Board Certified Family Practice Physician. He is a native Detroiter and did his undergraduate and clinical training in Michigan. He has 28 years of private practice experience and has provided Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) for his opiate dependent patients and has provided traditional medicine as well as alternative and complementary medicine for many years. Dr. Levine is the former Chief of Family Medicine at the Detroit Medical Center and continues to provide administrative support to Health Alliance Plan as well as provide clinical care in hospital medicine. He is on staff at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital as well as a number of other local Southeast Michigan hospitals.

Contributor since July 18, 2018

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Michigan’s New Opioid Laws: How They Affect Patients and Doctors

Learn how the new opioid laws affect how doctors prescribe medications and what it could mean for you and your family.Read More

five orange pill bottles on a shiny wood surface

Opioids: What They Are, Why They’re a Problem and How to Fight the Epidemic

Dr. Robert Levine answers your questions about opioid use and abuse.Read More

female medical staff handing card to smiling woman with child

Explaining the Preauthorization Process: What You Need to Know as a Member

Understanding what goes on behind the scenes can make the prior approval process seem less random.Read More

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