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Healthy Winter FTR

4 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

Winter can really throw a wrench in your fitness plans. We’re all coming off a long stretch of holiday parties, and the big game is right around the corner. Add in shorter days and frigid weather, and it’s no wonder it’s so difficult to stick to our healthy ways.

But, at the end of the day, exercise and a healthy diet should be part of your daily routine – no matter the weather. Use these tips to stay active, improve your mood and boost your quality of life this winter:

Number 1 Ditch the gym. Let’s be real. Most of us aren’t gearing up for a run or clamoring to get to the gym when it’s -10 degrees outside. Don’t leave the house. Use our gym-free workout to get your blood flowing.

Number 2 Reinvent meal time. Cold weather often ignites cravings for comfort foods. Pick one of our favorite healthy recipes to try instead. They’re quick, tasty and easy to put together.

Number 3 Fight the flu. Wash your hands, get enough sleep and protect yourself from colds and the flu with our expert tips.

0891-Numbers4 Make TV time active. Turn commercial breaks into working breaks. See our guide: 10 ways to make TV time more active. 



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