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My Kid Left for College – And Took Her HAP Coverage with Her

When my daughter left home to start her college freshman year a couple years ago, I had a range of thoughts for a parent of a new college kid. How will she handle living on her own? Will she stay healthy and eat right? Will she get good grades? Will she be homesick? What if she gets sick or hurt?

Today, she’s a college junior and she’s doing great but there’s always the chance of sickness or injury. That’s why it’s good for parents to know the details about their health plan coverage for students living away from home.

As a HAP member with an HMO health plan for my family, I know that if my daughter needs health care while she’s away, it’ll be covered. Members with an EPO plan are covered too. Students ages 17 to 25 who are covered by a parent’s plan while away at school will be covered outside of HAP’s network for emergency or urgent care, plus a wide range of non-emergency services (with prior authorization), including:

  • Emergency or urgent care
  • Nonemergency and minor illness or injury, as well as these related services:
    • Routine allergy injections, flu shots and immunizations
    • Required maintenance visits for chronic conditions (for example, asthma or acne)
    • Office visits to get a birth control prescription or continue birth control (check your plan for specific drug coverage).
    • Prescription drugs (according to your health plan)

0891 Pro Tip DesignRemember that students with HAP HMO coverage are only covered for certain types of health care while at school. For example, services such as complete physical exams, elective surgeries and eye exams must be provided by a doctor in HAP’s HMO service area to qualify for HAP coverage. That’s why it’s important for students to take care of other medical needs while they’re at home.

Differences for students with HAP PPO coverage

Students covered by a parent’s HAP PPO plan do not have a specific “Students Away” benefit because they are already covered for medical care out of HAP’s service area. Payment for that care may be higher so getting care at home is important for those students as well. 

It would be great if my daughter graduates college without having to use her HAP Students Away coverage, but it’s great knowing it’s there if she needs it.

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