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You Never Outgrow Vaccines: What You Should Know About Adult Immunizations

Childhood vaccinations aren’t enough. Learn how to protect yourself from disease in adulthood.Read More

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Wrap Up Your Meal With Our Greek Salad Quinoa Lettuce Wraps

Lighten up your lunch, dinner or snack with this zesty vegetarian package.Read More

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Five Tips to Help Your Picky Eater Become Adventurous

Have some fussy eaters in your house? Watch our video for tips that can help turn your kids’ “yucks” into “yums!”Read More

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4 Easy Steps to Run a 5K with HAP

Whether this is your first race or you’re a pro, we’ll get you ready with the HAP 5K Challenge.Read More

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The Opioid Crisis: Why Women Are at Greater Risk

Both biology and behaviors can lead to more addictions for women, but help is available.Read More

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Meet Terri Kline: How HAP's CEO is Simplifying the Health Care Process

What happens when a medical emergency comes up and you are suddenly put in the role of caregiver? HAP's CEO Terri Kline speaks about her experience.Read More

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Try These 10 Low-Carb Snacks for Your Next Snack Attack

If you have diabetes or are just interested in healthier snacks, these ideas are for you.Read More

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Relieve Tension and Improve Your Posture with These 2 Stretches

Stretching has many benefits but it also just feels good. Try these stretches anytime you need a break, especially if you sit all day at your job.Read More

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Give the Gift of Wellness: Use HAP Member Discounts to Save for the Holidays

Managing money during the holidays can be tough. Not to worry, we have you covered with our exclusive HAP member discounts.Read More

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Buddy Up: 5 Tips for Working Out with an Exercise Partner

Try our ideas to get motivated and have more fun with your workout routine.Read More

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