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Michigan Auto Insurance Reform -- What HAP Members Should Know

You may have read or heard lately about auto insurance reform and health coverage in Michigan. 

And, like a lot of Michigan residents, you might have some questions about the new law and your HAP health coverage.

HAP is here, to help clear up a few things about the new law and what it means to you.

What’s the new law?

In 2019, the State of Michigan passed legislation that changes the requirement to have unlimited, lifetime personal injury protection (PIP) benefits for no-fault auto insurance plans. 

Starting July 1, you can choose your level of PIP. You can opt out of, or cut your level of medical benefits, under the auto plan. But, only if all members of your household have other qualified health coverage or their own auto plan with PIP.

What’s qualified health coverage under the new law? 

Qualified health coverage is health or accident insurance that doesn’t exclude or limit coverage for injuries from auto accidents. It has a deductible of $6,579 or less per person.

What does PIP cover?

PIP is the part of an auto insurance plan that covers the health care costs from a car accident. PIP covers medical costs for both hurt policyholders and passengers, even if some don’t have health insurance.

How can HAP help? 

We can give you a document with:

  • the people covered under your HAP/Alliance health care coverage
  • your yearly deductible amount per covered person

You may need to show it to your auto insurance agent as proof you have qualified health coverage through HAP.

Your Auto Insurance PIP Medical Coverage Letter is available online. Log in to your account. Go to My Forms & Documents and then click My Letters to generate your letter.

Who do I call at HAP about qualified health coverage documentation? 

Call HAP Customer Service at the number on your ID card.

Who can I talk to about the auto insurance regulations or my level of PIP coverage?

Call your auto insurance agent.

Does the State of Michigan have any resources?

State of Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS)

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