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Meditation FTR

Think You Don’t Have Time to Meditate? 5 Minutes is All You Need

Stressed out? Overwhelmed? Looking for some calm? We all have so much going on in our brains and are constantly bombarded with information on a daily basis. But there’s a growing body of research that suggests that meditation can help with our mental, physical and emotional health.

So how do you begin? It can seem like one more task to add to your list, but try not to get stressed about how to start meditating. As with any new health goal, you’ll want to start small so you can create a habit. Mediation is mostly about noticing the thoughts in our minds and continuing to bring ourselves back to the present.


Try our guided meditation and get started on the way to clear your mind of clutter.

For our guided meditation, you don’t need to contort yourself into an uncomfortable position and you don’t have to chant. (Unless you want to!) All you need is a comfortable seat in a quiet place.



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