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3 Great Reasons to Come Play, Detroit

“Group sports are part of the basic fabric of community,” says Justin Jacobs, founder of ComePlayDetroit, a sport and social club in metro and downtown Detroit. “When kids are growing up, sports are a natural way for them to network and be social. There’s no need for that to end just because school is over.” Team sports have multiple benefits – social, physical and emotional – that aren’t just kid stuff.

Why you should join an organized sports team

1. You’ll have a compelling reason to stay in shape.

Your teammates don’t care how you look in your jeans, but they do care if you’re not able to jump or run well enough to hold your own in the game. “It keeps you active,” Jacobs points out. “Having that hour commitment every week is a great way to keep people sticking to their fitness routines.”

2. It can make your friendships stronger.

Many adult sports teams are company sponsored, which can mean that the people you’re playing with are also the people you’re working with. “A happier workforce is a more productive workforce, and companies offering opportunities for employees to be engaged are more attractive to new hires,” says Jacobs. “A lot of companies we work with provide subsidies because they want their employees to be part of the community.”

3. It’s a workout you’ll actually enjoy.

Left to your own devices, you might be tempted to push your workout off – maybe indefinitely. Jacobs agrees that it can be hard to get off the couch and go to the gym. “Knowing you’re going to meet up with friends and have fun is much better motivation.”

Once you’re in a game, you’re more likely to stay in it to the end. No matter what the final scoreboard tally is, you showed up for your teammates and yourself. That’s always a win. Check out for more information.

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