graphic of an insurance decision tree with choices of an urgent care emergency room and telehealth

Need Same-Day Care? Convenient Options Beyond Urgent Care or the ER

Get same-day care when you want it. Even from the comfort of home.Read More

couple holding a baby ultrasound photo

Your Pregnancy Resource Center: Essential Articles for Parents-to-Be

Being pregnant can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help.Read More

woman holding her head in distress

Do You Know the Signs of a Stroke? Find Out the Symptoms and Act Fast

Knowing these warning signs and acting quickly could help save lives.Read More

runner in a green shirt waving

You’re Never Too Old: How a HAP Employee Got His Fitness Fix Later in Life

HAP employee Dave Lambert shares how he became a runner at the age of 55 – proving you’re never too old to get started on your fitness journey.Read More

Pregnancy Checklist 300x200

Pregnant? What to Ask Your Health Plan and Doctor Each Trimester

Avoid the unexpected when you’re expecting. Use our pregnancy checklist to remember what to ask every step of the way.Read More

female doctor talking with an older female patient

This Highly Effective New Vaccine Can Help Prevent Shingles: Have You Heard of It?

There's a new shingles vaccine and experts say you should get it if you're over 50.Read More

woman in blue tracksuit jogging in the park

Let's Talk About Mental Health with HAP Expert Buff Donovan

May is Mental Health Awareness month. HAP expert Buff Donovan weighs in with tips for managing your mental health and how to get the help you need if you need it.Read More

two greyhounds looking at the camera

A Healthy Dose of Cuteness: Meet HAP’s Furry Friends!

Our pets don’t just look cute, they help keep us healthy by motivating us to get moving, maintain a healthy routine and relieve stress.Read More

0891 New Moms POST

5 Ways HAP Helps New Moms and Moms-To-Be

Pregnancy can be stressful enough. Using your health plan doesn’t have to be.Read More

0891 Mogo POST

Spring Staycation: Tour Detroit by Bike With Our MoGo-Inspired Travel Guide

Planning a Detroit staycation or just a weekend trip downtown? Use our MoGo bike share travel guide to see the city.Read More

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