5 Tips for Tackling Holiday Cravings From a Weight Loss Superstar

HAP member Linda Cavanagh lost 75 pounds in ten months on Weight Watchers and has kept it off for three years. She was one of Florine Mark’s 2018 Remarkable Women honorees. And she has just completed training to be a WW Wellness Coach.

Linda lost 75 pounds on WW and has kept it off for three years.
A self-described foodie and emotional eater, she knows how easy it can be to munch your way through the holidays. So, she’s shared her top tips for sticking to your weight loss plan when you’re surrounded by temptation:

Number 1 If you bite it, write it. I'm not a perfect tracker, but it definitely serves as a guide. And I love the WW Freestyle program. I never have to be hungry. If I eat a lot early in the day, I can stick to my zero-SmartPoints value foods later in the day. I am Freestyle's biggest fan!

Number 2 Daily weigh-in. This was something I thought I could never do. But now that I’m maintaining rather than losing weight, I give myself a three-pound leeway, and by weighing in daily, I have been able to keep my weight in check. I know I'm at the low-end I'm in a good place, but if I'm headed toward the top-end, it's time to cut back!

Number 3 Daily exercise. I have two dogs who take me for a walk every day (whether I want to go or not!). Plus, I can't imagine life without a Fitbit. I also try to squeeze in some strength training every week with weights. I was never a runner, but since letting go of the extra weight, I have done the 10K Turkey Trot three years in a row, and this year I did the Free Press half-marathon with some coworkers. I'm not a fast runner by any means, but I'm out there!

Number 4 Go-to food and snacks. I'm really careful what I bring into my house. I have learned the hard way it's easier to stick with fresh fruits, lean protein, veggies and low SmartPoints value foods to help stave off hunger that are easier to grab on the run.

Linda was honored at Florine Mark's 2018 Remarkable Women event.
Number 5 Cooking. Lastly, thank goodness I love to cook and "rehab" recipes. I like to double up on recipes and freeze things for a later date. I make salad that can last for a week in the fridge, and I'm currently into my Quick Cooker for healthy soups and stews. There are so many options for easy and quick meals. Clean eating and a healthier lifestyle through WW have helped to reach my health goals, and I feel great. And I am most grateful to HAP for rewarding me on my journey with WW!


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Eligible HAP members can enroll in this special 12-week program for only $99. If a member remains continuously enrolled, additional 12-week sessions are only $119.

How to enroll

  1. Log in at hap.org and click on HAP Member Discounts in the Quick Links section.
  2. Scroll down to the Weight Watchers discount information to view the promo code.
  3. Click on the link included in the Weight Watchers discount information or call (888) 335-6746 and use the promo code to sign up.
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Members following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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