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The CrimFit Training Program: From Spectator to Race-Ready in 15 Weeks

The Crim 10-mile course is one of Michigan’s most acclaimed road races. For years, spectators watched in awe as elite athletes from around the world zipped through Flint's city streets – many of them hoping one day they could run or walk the same distance.

In the mid-90s, a group of seasoned Crim veterans sought to make those spectators’ dreams come to life and started the CrimFit Training program. For 15 weeks, they met with a group of around 200 runners and helped them get ready for their very own 10-mile race. As soon as the race was over, people were asking when next year's training program started.

The CrimFit Training program has grown from 200 to more than 1,700 runners and walkers who meet once a week from May through August to get ready for the HAP Crim Festival of Races. Today, the program offers training for runners and walkers in the 10-mile, 8K, and 5K races. The group is made up of everyone from first-time road racers to seasoned Crim veterans.

One of those first-time runners is Amanda Gagne. "I signed up for the training program this year with my cousin so we can experience it together. We experienced bariatric surgery together, and now we're going to do this together," Amanda explains. She's known about the Crim for a long time, but this will be the first year she'll be on the race course. "I always thought about doing the Crim, always telling myself someday I would. Well this year I decided to go for it," she says. Amanda is excited to make new friends and get on a workout plan with a supportive group of people.

On the other end of the spectrum is Bill Kehoe, who's finished thirty-three 10-mile Crim races and has participated in the CrimFit Training program for 17 years. Bill often ran with a well-known local runner who encouraged him to give the training program a try. "I really was inspired to help other people complete the Crim race," Bill says. A true believer in the program's training methods, Bill also enjoys the other benefits of meeting with a group all summer long to train. "The social aspect of training, and seeing people after their race and their success and improvements is so inspirational.” With his Crim experience and leadership skills, it's no surprise group members come back year after year to train in Bill's group.

Stories like Amanda and Bill's show just how inclusive the CrimFit Training program is. Whether you're a skilled road racer or new to running or walking and looking to change your lifestyle, the CrimFit Training program is for you. The fact that participants come back each year proves that finding a supportive group to train with makes being active fun. And this taps into one of the best and most basic aspects of running and walking: These sports truly are for everyone. Join the CrimFit Training program and see just how much fun it can be.

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HAP members receive an exclusive rate on the CrimFit training program and on the HAP Crim Festival of Races registration fee. To use the discount codes and sign up:

1. Log in to your hap.org account.
2. Click on “My Health and Wellness.”
3. Click on “Member Events.”
4. Scroll down to see the HAP Crim Festival of Races discount codes.
5. Use your codes to register for race day or the CrimFit Training program.

The cost of the CrimFit Training program includes:

• Discounted membership to the UM-Flint Recreation Center
• Race registration to the HAP Crim Festival of Races
• Running gear discounts at local businesses
• Six passes to the University of Michigan-Flint Recreation
• Two entry vouchers for other area races

A little more about Joe Dimambro

Having grown up participating in Crim youth mileage clubs, Joe’s had a lifelong passion for running. After participating in cross country and track throughout his high school and collegiate careers, he deepened his involvement in the greater Flint running community through work at specialty running stores, coaching teams and individuals, and extensive volunteer work at the Crim Fitness Foundation. That volunteer work evolved into a full time position as Assistant Race Director for the HAP Crim Festival of Races. Currently, Joe coordinates all of the CrimFit Training programs, which have grown to more than 1,750 total participants annually.
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