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Treating the Youngest Patients

HAP’s ProgenyHealth partnership provides the most delicate care thanks to neonatologists, pediatricians, NICU nurses, and social workers working together. They collaborate to provide a clinical and emotional lifeline to the family – advising, educating and supporting – to help improve babies’ health.

As a board-certified pediatrician who manages this high-risk population, I think ProgenyHealth is a blessing.

Our tiniest members are our most vulnerable. HAP wants to give them the best chance for a healthy life. HAP, ProgenyHealth and the hospital work as a team so parents have confidence and peace of mind when their babies go home. There should be no question about who the parents should call with concerns or what setting will give their child the best start in life. It’s a win-win for everyone.

ProgenyHealth works with providers and families to help manage the hospital stay and provide support during the first year of life. The goal is to make sure neonatal intensive care unit babies go home healthy and as soon as possible. Once the baby is born, ProgenyHealth contacts a HAP member who can accept or decline the service. This is part of a member’s existing benefits so there’s no extra cost.

The service includes Baby Trax®, a web-based application for educational information and a customized care plan. It can only be accessed by the member and the member’s physician using a password. The mobile app has infant health and safety-related notifications, a task manager, health and safety related articles and educational videos.

A ProgenyHealth case manager is even on call 24/7. To learn more about ProgenyHealth, visit their website.

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