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Looking for the right Medicare Advantage plan?

At HAP, we understand that 'more' means different things to different people. That's why our Medicare Advantage plans are designed to give you more of what truly matters to you.

HAP's $0* Medicare Advantage plans bundle your medical and prescription coverage and give you extra benefits including a $550 flex card and $3,000 allowance for dental. And that’s just some of the ways we’re keeping our members healthy and happy.

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Enroll in a HAP Medicare Advantage plan today
  • $550 flex card and $3,000 allowance for dental
  • $0 Preventive plus comprehensive dental coverage on most plans
  • $0 Hearing and vision exams
  • $0 Gym membership
  • As low as $0 PCP copays
  • As low as $0 mental health visits
  • As low as $0 acupuncture copays
  • Telehealth coverage and visitor/traveler benefit

The benefits listed are not on all plans and some plans have different benefit offerings. Please review the Summary of Benefits or talk to a Medicare expert to understand plan details.

HAP is here for our members
year after year

“When Earl F. of Ann Arbor made the move to HAP’s Medicare Advantage plan he did his homework. Working with a HAP customer service specialist, Earl reduced his annual pharmacy bill from $300 to zero and cut expenses for routine procedures by $360 annually. Earl calls HAP’s customer education “exceptional,” and said “HAP has treated me as a valued customer. I am thankful I went to and found the best provider for me and my wife - HAP.”

“At 63, Lee W. of Flint was diagnosed with cancer and given four to six months to live. Whenever I called HAP, I knew that within two minutes I would get a real person on the phone. That’s unheard of in this day and age. HAP insurance let me focus on healing and the customer service was nothing short of amazing. Now, I’m cancer-free.”

HAP 2024 plan benefits

Dental coverage through Delta Dental
$3,000 max for preventive and comprehensive services combined including 2 oral exams, 2 cleanings or 2 periodontal cleanings, 2 fluoride treatments, brush biopsy, 1 set of bitewings per year and 50% on root canals, fillings, crown repairs and simple extractions. 

Hearing exam coverage and hearing aids through NationsBenefits
$0 copay on routine exams.

Vision coverage through EyeMed
$0 copay on routine exams and includes $150 allowance/year for eyewear or contact lenses. In-network providers give you up to 100 frames through EyeMed to choose from.

Up to $400/Year OTC allowance
Over-the-counter health and wellness products available through NationsBenefits®, including food for eligible members through the Nations OTC catalog, with rollover to next quarter. Must be used by the end of the year.

The benefits listed are not on all plans and some plans have different benefit offerings. Please review the Summary of Benefits or talk to a Medicare expert to understand plan details.

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*You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium. 
Health Alliance Plan (HAP) has HMO, HMO-POS, PPO plans with Medicare contracts. HAP Medicare Complete Duals (HMO D-SNP) is a Medicare health plan with a Medicare contract and a contract with the Michigan Medicaid Program. Enrollment depends on contract renewals.
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