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Provider NPI Selection Help


The NPI selection page allows a user to choose a provider and enter the HAP Provider Portal as that provider.


Q:  What should I do if the provider is not found?

A:  There are two reasons that a provider may not be found:

  • The provider may not be registered with hap.org. Providers may register online.
  • The provider may not have updated their NPI with HAP. To update the provider's NPI, please login to www.hap.org and select Provider Data Update from the list of Online Provider Services.

Q:  I am looking for a specific physician, but they are not displayed in the NPI selection list, what should I do?

A:  If a physician is missing from the list, consider the following:

  • The physician is new to the practice. Please contact the system administrator to add the new physician to the list.
  • Provider updates are made nightly, so, it could take up to one business day before the physician's information is accessible.  Once the information is in the system, contact the system administrator to add the physician to the list.
  • A physician becomes inactive 18 months after they discontinue with HAP. Their data is no longer accessible after this period.
  • The physician is not contracted with HAP, in which case they will be unable to access the HAP provider portal.

For further questions, please contact the system administrator or call (877)8-my1HIE (877-869-1443).

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