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Filling Your Prescription

Be Safe! Take your prescription to a HAP-affiliated pharmacy

With the recent increase in illegal Internet pharmacies and counterfeit drug laboratories around the world, the FDA warns consumers that it cannot guarantee the safety of prescription drugs imported from other countries or from the Internet. But you can have confidence in the safety, quality and effectiveness of HAP-affiliated pharmacies. A licensed pharmacist will answer your questions, discuss potential drug interactions and any side effects.

Rx Tips:

  • Before you leave the pharmacy, be sure you have the correct medication and the instructions
  • Read the medication label
  • Take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor
  • Take the medicine at the same time each day and don't skip doses
  • Talk to your doctor is you experience any side effects

Generic Medications

Whenever an FDA-approved generic drug is available, your prescription will be filled with the generic form of the medication. Generic equivalent drugs have been put through the FDA's rigorous, multi-step approval process from quality and performance, to manufacturing and labeling. HAP also reviews generic products for safety and effectiveness.

If you receive a brand drug when a generic equivalent is available, you will be responsible to pay the generic copay plus the difference between the cost of the generic equivalent and the brand drug.

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