What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine, your HAP coverage, and getting care during the pandemic.

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Rx Cost Estimator helps you budget and avoid surprises

Take advantage of the Rx Cost Estimator

Prescription costs can vary widely and may be confusing. That's why we developed the Rx Cost Estimator for Federal Employees Health Benefits participants.*

With this tool, you can find your out-of-pocket prescription drug costs based on your plan and coverage level.* Your cost and savings may vary based on:

  • Drug prices, prescriptions, doctor recommendations, current laws and pharmacist's judgment
  • Medication costs outside of your prescription program and sales tax
  • In most cases, if alternative drugs are listed, they're preferred by your prescription program. Alternative drugs may not be appropriate for you, and they will require your doctor's approval.
If you have questions regarding the Rx Cost Estimator, please refer to the online formulary for any coverage requirements, such as prior authorization, step therapy or quantity limitations.

Some providers may display that are not part of your network. If you have a spouse or dependent on your HAP plan over age 18, you will not be able to view that person's information.

You may also contact HAP Customer Service at (800) 556-9765 or by email at [email protected] .

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*This is not a guaranteed payment of claim. Coverage may not reflect the Federal Employees Health Benefits participant's current or prospective plan. This tool is used for the sole purpose of presenting the estimated cost of a prescription for prospective participants in HAP's Federal Employees Health Benefits plan. If you currently participate in HAP's Federal Employees Health Benefits plan, you should sign in for information specific to your plan. There are many factors that play into your cost or copay results, and there may be adjustments in the actual amount of your copay depending on the pharmacy plan design for your group.

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