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2022 Impact Report

Improving The Lives We Touch

HAP’s Community Impact Report, Improving the Lives We Touch, is an overview of how we connected with communities throughout the state of Michigan throughout 2022. It is dedicated to the people we serve and illustrates the various types of outreach used to advance the health and well-being of our state’s residents.

Our Community Outreach team details the numbers of events and attendees and overall financial community investment. We also monitor the list of organizations we work with annually as we try to increase the numbers of lives we touch.  In this report, we have explained how HAP seeks local groups that positively impact Social Determinants of Health and how agencies can easily apply for support from us. 

At HAP, we know that being healthy is more than a lack of physical pain or disease. Being healthy also requires inspiration, hope and setting achievable goals. Our programs put each person served in charge of building their own good health. And we don’t just offer programs to HAP members. Many of our activities are open to the community.

We are proud of the work we accomplished in 2022 to fulfill our strategic goals. This past year also marked an important expansion for HAP’s presence in West Michigan, enabling us to help thousands more Michigan residents live healthier lives.

Numbers aren’t everything, but they are a way to demonstrate what outreach can do. We hope you will find this report informative, inspiring, and representative of what it takes to create a healthier community for everyone.

All About HAP

HAP is a subsidiary of Henry Ford Health, one of Michigan’s leading health care systems. Founded in 1960, HAP provides health insurance plans for individuals, companies and organizations of all sizes. Our product lines include coverage for employer group plans, individual plans, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and self-funded plans. We regard our mission as the enhancement of the health and well-being of the thousands of lives we touch every year

HAP covers 430,000 lives in Michigan, whom we call our members. In 2022, HAP greatly expanded its geographic reach westward, enabling our Community Outreach team to include organizations in Grand Rapids and nearby communities. We also added health care providers with this growth as well, now peaking at more than 50,000 provider partners. 

HAP is governed by a diverse volunteer board of directors representing a variety of industries that include health care, automotive/manufacturing, financial services, education, professional services, consumer services and community planning.

Our subsidiaries and business partnerships include Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company, ASR Health Benefits, HAP Empowered Health Plan and Health Alliance Administrators, Inc. 

HAP is known for our community giving and volunteerism. Our outreach programs focus on wellness, youth, education, diversity, community development, and arts and culture. HAP also offers a variety of wellness programs for preventive care, worksite wellness and digital coaching

HAP Key Community Outreach Initiatives

  • Establish and manage relationships with human service agencies and nonprofit organizations that support community health and well-being.
  • Partner with Henry Ford Health, other contracted providers and enrolled employer groups to present community event and member engagement activities.