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Plan Overview

HAP is here, helping you navigate your 2022 plan. Below are our benefit summaries for next year:   

HMO vs. PPO plans

HAP is here with HMO and PPO plans plus benefits beyond what you’ve come to expect. 

HMO plan highlights: 

  • Lower monthly premiums 
  • Includes chiropractic services and hearing aid coverage
  • $1,750 individual in network benefit
  • 20% coinsurance 
  • $3,500 individual out of pocket maximum 

PPO plan highlights:  

  • PPO network is nationwide 
  • Includes hearing aid coverage
  • $2,000 individual in-network deductible 
  • 20% in network coinsurance
  • $4,000 Individual out of pocket maximum 

Both plans include the same covered drugs. 




Members must choose a PCP

 Yes  No

Referrals for specialists required

 No* No* 

Out-of-network coverage



Out-of-network emergency care

 All HAP members have worldwide emergency and urgent care coverage as well as telehealth coverage. 

*HAP does not require a referral, but the provider may.”

How it works

Learn more about getting care with your HAP plan and additional value-added benefits.