What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine, your HAP coverage, and getting care during the pandemic.

Member Benefits

Telehealth services  

Getting health care online has never been easier. HAP has partnered with AmWell® to provide telehealth services. Licensed and board-certified doctors are available 24/7 for live, online visits via mobile phone, tablet or computer to treat non-emergency illnesses, such as colds, flu, headache, rashes, sinus infections and pinkeye.

With the Amwell app, you can talk to licensed, board-certified doctors who are available 24/7 for live, secure online visits wherever you are. Simply download the app. Click Sign Up and enter your information. When prompted for a service key, use: HAPmi

Prescription coverage 

To make sure you receive the appropriate medications, HAP has a list of covered drugs, also called a formulary. These drugs are covered at different copay levels called tiers. 

Students away at school program

HMO members can have peace of mind knowing your college students can get care when they need it. Students ages 17 through 25 who are covered by a parent’s plan while away at school will be covered outside of HAP’s service area for emergency or urgent care, plus a wide range of non-emergency services (with prior authorization), including: 

  • Routine allergy injections, flu shots and immunizations 
  • Required maintenance visits for chronic conditions, such as asthma or acne
  • Office visits for a birth control prescription or to continue birth control
  • Prescription drugs (according to your health plan)
  • Telehealth services through Amwell® 

Students Away at School* doesn’t cover dependent children who live with a custodial parent outside our service area. Costs for care and prescription drugs outside HAP’s service area may be higher, so getting care at home is still best. 
*NOTE: doesn’t apply to PPO. PPO members can use the Cigna network for out-of-state services. 

Online member account 

To get the most out of your health plan, and for access to member-exclusive resources, please log in or register to access your online member account where you can: 

  • Access a doctor at home 24/7 through our telehealth services program 
  • Print your ID card or download it to your phone 
  • Look up a prescription drug on our list of covered drugs 
  • Pay your premium bill online (individual and family plans only) 
  • Search medical cost estimates and compare treatment costs with our Health Care Cost Estimator tool 
  • Send our Customer Service team a secure message 
  • Search our list of doctors and hospitals 
  • Sign up to receive your Explanation of Benefits Statements, or EOBs, electronically

HAP Member Apps

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