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HAP Puts Vendor Remittance Advices Online

Every time there is a check run, HAP prints out thousands of pages of remittance advices and mails them to our vendors. These documents detail the claims that are included in the check. In the past, this printing, stuffing and mailing have cost HAP around $10,000 each month.

In an effort to go green and reduce costs, we worked with Finance, CIA and Provider Relations to make these documents available to vendors after they log into the secure site. This has been available since June 3. Communications are going out to the vendors in various ways and HAP is working with the larger organizations to turn off printing the paper RAs. September is the target to turn off the majority of the contracted provider's printed RAs. In fact, Providence Hospital was the first to have their paper RA turned off two weeks after the application deployed.

In conjunction with this new application, changes are being made so that non-contracted vendors can register for secure access to HAP's website in an effort to turn off more paper printing.