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ID Card Images for Members

We have been working with Membership and Billing and HAP's ID card vendor, Clarity, on this new function. Now HAP provides the ability for our members to print off a copy of the front and back of their ID card after logging into HAP's website.

If a member loses their HAP ID card, they can print off a copy of their card online while the new one is being mailed to their home. In cases where they just left their card at home, instead of ordering a new one, members can just print off a copy of one. This will save HAP printing and mailing expenses.

Behind the scene, HAP sends a request for the ID card for the member to Clarity and they send over the pdf of the card. This feature is available for any member who has received a new card since January 1, 2011. We are looking into showing the HAP card on a mobile device next.