We're currently experiencing technical difficulties with delivery of the 2022 ID cards. If you're an existing member, your member and Rx number will remain the same. If you’re a new member or need your ID number to get care or prescriptions, customer service is here to help. Call us at 800-422-4641.

Forgot my username

I’m a member

Your username/ ID number is your ID number. Your ID number is located on your ID card. If you can’t locate your ID number, please contact us

I’m a provider

  • Providers: Use your NPI underscore your first initial and last name. Example: 124567890_sjones
  • Provider ID Administrator: Use your NPI underscore IDADMIN. Example: 1234567890_IDADMIN
  • Vendors: Use your HAP assigned vendor ID underscore and your first initial and last name Example: 12345A_sjones
  • Vendor ID Administrator: Use your HAP assigned Vendor ID underscore IDADMIN. Example: 12345A_IDADMIN

Note: Your vendor ID can be found on your most recent Remittance Advice. If you don't have a Remittance Advice, it can be found on a check from HAP or in an EFT email. Find your Vendor ID.

I’m an employer 

Your username/ ID number to Login is generally your HAP Group ID number. If you do not have this ID, please email [email protected] or your HAP Sales Account Manager.

I’m a producer

Click here to reset your username. If you are having trouble resetting your username, please contact us

I’m a payer

Please contact HAP Preferred Operations at [email protected] or [email protected]


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