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Appointment Scheduling

The routine times

Scheduling an appointment for an annual physical examination or follow-up visit requires more advance notice. This ensures that appointments are readily available for patients who are sick or injured.

Your PCP will provide all of your care for routine and healthy visits, which includes treatment for conditions that do not require immediate medical attention. Examples include physical exams, chronic conditions, minor illnesses and immunizations. When scheduling an appointment, be sure to ask if any special preparations are necessary, such as fasting.

Your physician and staff want to respond quickly to your requests for treatment. You can help by canceling any appointments you are unable to keep. When you cancel your appointment, physicians can fill the valuable time with other patients and ensure prompt access to care. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, call your physician's office at least 24 hours in advance. Some physicians may charge a fee for missed appointments or those not canceled 24 hours in advance. This fee is not covered by HAP and is your responsibility.

When you need prompt care

If you need prompt medical attention that is not an emergency (like an urgent medical condition), call your PCP's office. Be sure to describe your medical concern to the receptionist or nurse, and arrangements will be made for your prompt medical care.*

A summary of office visit types and our recommendations for the maximum length of time you should have to wait to see your physician is illustrated in the following table:

Visit Type Recommendations
Healthy Visits
Nonsymptomatic office visits (annual checkups, follow-up appointments, etc.)
Within 30 days
Non-urgent office visits with symptoms (e.g., sore throat)
Within 4 days
Serious but nonemergency injury or illness (e.g., high fever)
Same or next day
Emergency Immediate

If you can't get an appointment within our access standards, our Physician Selection Specialists can help. Our staff is trained to work with your physician's office, contacting a back-up physician, or by redirecting you to another physician that can see you within our access standards. You may reach a Physician Selection Specialist toll-free at (888) 742-2727. If you need urgent care, you may be directed to the nearest urgent care facility. If you see a back-up physician, make a follow-up appointment with your own physician as directed.

* If your PCP's office is closed you should visit a HAP-affiliated urgent care center.

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