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Drug and Pharmacy Information


Details about our formulary
Learn more about how our Medicare prescription drug coverage works for you.

Temporary Medication Supply
If your drug isn't on our formulary, you can get a temporary supply while you discuss options with your doctor.

It's important to have the drugs you need. To request coverage of a drug that isn't on our formulary, or at a different cost-sharing level, use our exception process.

Appeals/Grievances/Coverage Determinations
Review our processes to make sure any issues are resolved quickly.

Quality Assurance
Review our efforts to ensure you receive safe and appropriate care.


In consultation with a team of health care professionals, we have selected a list of drugs (formulary) which represents the prescription therapies believed to be a necessary part of a quality treatment program.

Our extensive formulary includes the most frequently prescribed drugs for people with Medicare. View our formulary to see the list of drugs we cover.

Broad pharmacy network

As a plan member, you can get both brand-name and generic prescription drugs at any pharmacy in our broad network of more than 1,500 pharmacies, which includes:

You must use network pharmacies to receive your prescription drug benefit, except under non-routine circumstances when you cannot reasonably use network pharmacies.

To find a pharmacy that’s convenient for you, refer to our pharmacy listing or contact Client Services.

Coverage while you travel

You can get your prescription drugs at any pharmacy with nationwide locations (like Walgreens or Kmart) that contracts with HAP. And you are always covered throughout the U.S. for emergency prescriptions when you’re out of the plan network.

Important Information

Part D benefits are provided through a network of contracted pharmacies. There are 1597 pharmacies in the Senior Plus network. We meet CMS standards for access based on our service areas, as follows:

  • 100% of beneficiaries who live in rural areas have a pharmacy within a 15 mile radius
  • 100% of beneficiaries who live in suburban areas have a pharmacy within a 5 mile radius
  • 100% of beneficiaries who live in urban areas have a pharmacy within in a 2 mile radius

As a member of either HAP Senior Plus, you will also be able to obtain covered drugs at out-of network pharmacies.

Get more information on the HAP contract with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

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